Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bila Bapak Mertua Ai Kuar Paper

Precious memories: Abdul Jalil posing with some of his collection of medals 
A FORMER national sepak takraw player is peeved and sad that the national team has lost its command and respect as the undisputed champion of the game in the region.
Abdul Jalil Abdul Aziz, the national team’s apit kanan from 1970 until his retirement in 1980, said forty years ago, sepak takraw was the pride of the nation conquering as they reigned supreme by winning four consecutive South East Asia Peninsular Games (SEAP) gold from 1971 to 1977 and the inaugural Asian championship in 1980.
“There were no challengers to undermine our status then as we were the best but the scenario has now changed and we have lost the undisputed champion tag to Thailand.
“Countries like South Korea, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and even Japan are closing in on us. We have come to a stage where it is difficult to win a gold medal at the SEA games,” he said.
Abdul Jalil said during his time, they had to compete for only one gold but now the gold medals at stake is more than one, yet the national team are unable to lay their hands on any of the medals.
Bapak mertua ai bekas pemain Sepak Takraw Malaysia...
Buat anaknya, ko aderrrrrr?hehheehe


Cik Puan Nurul said...

wahhhh..sokabor omputih lak tuhh..

Adyshariz said...

terel tu..kalau saya pon tumpang bangga

Nida said...

Wah.. cayalah..... tahniah.. :)

aDieyZa said...

wah, hebatlah bakak mertua akk..

pesanan yg last tu kelakar la kan..